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  waytopixel - 12 months ago

Ar-Rawdhatus-Shareefah is the space between the prophet's residence - Aishah's chamber (may Allah be pleased with her) and the sacred pulpit.It was named so based on the authentic narration that says: "The space between my residence and my pulpit is a garden among the gardens of the paradise".
Ar-Rawdhah is about (330m2) though the western wall of the sacred chamber has taken part of it. There are great and important milestones inside the Rawdhah and along its edges.These include: the sacred chamber on the eastern part, the prophet's Mihraab (prayer niche) which is located amidst its front wall in the direction of the Qiblah and the sacred pulpit on its western part.It also contains the stone pillars among which some became very celebrated as they are associated with remarkable achievements recorded in the books of Hadith and History. They are: Aishah's pillar, the delegates' pillar, At-Taubah (repentance) pillar, the aromatized pillar, the bed pillar and the guard pillar.
Ar-Rawdhah has ever been an object of attention of the Muslim leaders. The Ottoman Sultan Saleem once covered these pillars with white marble inlaid with red ones up to the middle. Thereafter, the Ottoman Sultan Abdul-Majid renovated these pillars with new marbles before the Saudi Arabian government came to cover them with special white marble that distinguished them from other pillars of the mosque in 1404AH (1994). Its floor was also carpeted with exquisite rugs and precious chandeliers were hung on it.

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